How We Operate

Clients tend to draw their consultant’s focus to the threats and opportunities they can readily see. However, there are often unseen problems and possibilities uncovered under the objective eye of a diligent consultant.

These discoveries pose a dilemma for both the client and the consultant. For the client, some very unsettling questions might arise about the fundamentals of their business. For the consultant, it can mean disruption of a tidy project work plan, or worse, it could strain the client relationship.

For NetGain, there is no dilemma; share the results of our objectivity and diligence because that’s ultimately what’s best for the client. Our budgets and schedules may suffer as a result, and our clients might feel challenged in unexpected ways, but there is really no alternative. It’s a matter of respect for our clients and for ourselves.

Naturally it’s preferable not to contradict a client’s notions about themselves or their projects. Some firms avoid it at all costs, preferring to deal in hypothetical scenarios rather than hard truths. This approach is good for winning contracts but it relies too heavily on what the client already believes. For this reason, it imparts little value, wastes resources, and leads to bad decisions.

NetGain uses the approach that works. Most of our business comes by referral, and we have many repeat clients. By consistently seeking and sharing real answers with our clients, we get to work with really interesting and open-minded people in a relationship of respect and trust.