The Ongoing Search for Free-Thinking Associates!

In boutique consulting, it’s dead hard to find individuals you’d like to work with.  We’ve run the whole gamut.

At worst, we’ve been stuck in projects with individuals who:

  • Are mercenaries
  • Are unreliable (don’t communicate well /don’t make deadlines/aren’t digitized enough to share information efficiently)
  • View their specialty as the most critical thing on the project and diminish others’ roles
  • Work in isolation and are unaccountable about scheduling or expenses
  • Are unaware of project budgets

At best, these fabulous people:

  • Contribute valuable insight into projects
  • Are easy going, fun,
  • Bring lots of snacks
  • Keep the larger picture of the project in mind, better yet, a larger picture of the organization we’re hired to help, and understand their role in bettering it
  • Bring energy to the project, don’t sap it away!

Provided you think that WE are not total troglodytes ourselves, do check us out!

We are always happy to explore partnerships on projects that require a

  • Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Business Analysis

We are looking for professionals in:

  • Architecture / Design
  • HR
  • Urban Planning
  • Mapping
  • Code writing / Programming

We feel that it’s as important to curate our partnerships as we do the types of projects we work on.