Our Team

Doug Simpson, BA, MFA
Senior Managing Director

Clients have entrusted their businesses and organizations to Doug, for over 27 years.  He's been at the table to usher through complex mergers, IPOs, business strategies, corporate restructuring and to raise capital for a diverse roster of clients from pharmaceutical companies, to the City of Toronto, charities, aboriginal festivals, to community theatre.  Whether working for board members, city councillors, staff teams, CEOs or the community, young or old, for profit or not, because of his level of care and diligence for and communication with client organizations, NetGain is often invited back over time to help with their ongoing changes. We, at NetGain, think all this is because of the dazzle of his Old Boys' Club bow-ties and hairdo. Interestingly, through employing the Scientific Method we've actually found that it takes about 6 IPA pints, a week of late-night report writing and a team of 25-year-old hookers, props, flankers and locks to skew said bow-tie.  Else, you might see him whizzing around on his trusty Marin Larkspur looking for free wifi, a cozy Americano or picnic spot.

Genevieve Tran, BBA, B.Ed, M.Ed
Consultant, Business Catalyst

Genevieve can be seen carrying her 1-ton furry handbag to client meetings, wherein lives several notebooks, lunch and a brick-weight MacBookPro.  She agreed to help Doug out in exchange for beignets, Friday martinis and central heating. She is disarmingly small and chipper, though is really black-hearted and has mastered supreme facial control of the ever-warranted eye-roll. However, this last observation is merely a suspicion by a certain Managing Partner who shall remain unnamed.  Her job is to check everything Doug does and add an Education Specialist perspective (very useful in an industry that requires client organizations to understand complex reports, new changes and systems).  She's been accused of setting Doug's head on fire with debate and Devil's Advocacy, but at the end of every work day, all seems to be smoothed over with snacks and drinks.

img_1046Suzanne Wilcox, MBA

Suzanne Wilcox has experience working in both the non-profit and corporate settings. She’s been around NetGain since 1997 and enjoys the fresh approach that the firm takes with each and every client.

After graduating from Princeton University, Suzanne worked in Marketing and Development at several US arts organizations, including the American Dance Festival and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School before working in research, project management, and client relations for Arts & Communications.

She was then recruited by Air Canada where she worked as Manager, Market Development before moving to the newly independent Aeroplan in 2001 managing the successful CIBC Aerogold VISA and Diners Club credit card programs.

Now a freelance consultant, Suzanne enjoys getting to know a variety of clients, helping them with Strategic Planning and Fundraising. She recently spent three years working with Junior Achievement of Central Ontario, increasing individual giving to the organization 134% in that time. She was critical in securing a $500,000 gift to JACO, the largest single gift ever to the organization. Projects completed with NetGain include compiling and writing the Cultural Spaces grant for Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada, creating and soliciting sponsorships for Centennial College Culture & Heritage Institute, and working on quantitative and qualitative studies for the Economic Impact Committee of the Intergovernmental Roundtable of Arts Funders and Foundations. She relishes research and proposal writing for individual, corporate, government and foundation donor audiences.

When not working, Suzanne attempts to keep up with her two daughters while tending the weeds in her “garden”.

Jon YenJonathan Yen, HB.Sc., M.B.A., LL.B., LL.M. TEP
Legal Advisor, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator and Arbitrator

Mr. Yen provides a valuable service to our clients who may need a lower-cost, confidential way of solving disputes in the Arts, Culture and Heritage sectors.  His long relationship of trust with NetGain and his active involvement in Toronto's political, health and arts worlds have made his insights almost as tasty as the pastries he procures at coffee-fueled breakfast meetings! More information about Alternative Dispute Resolution (instead of litigation in court) can be found here (please, click!).

facepicrecentEmily Parker, PhD
Administrator and Content Manager

Emily is NetGain’s latest acquisition, and she is tasked with keeping all things organized and up-to date.  With a long academic history, Emily could not avoid picking up a number of useful skills which contribute to NetGain operations.  Writing, researching, fact-checking, editing, mastering and managing new software, and ensuring overall functional excellence are all part of her daily life inside and outside of the NetGain office.  It is of the utmost importance (to her) that there is a full pot of hot coffee available throughout the day.  In her spare time, she can be found writing, cycling and mulling over ideas she finds interesting and troubling.

IMG_8113Andrew Swales, BA
Accounting and Bookkeeping

NetGain’s longest-serving team member, more commonly known as "Swales".  This sly one made himself indispensable while over time narrowing his career focus on the financial management of the firm and its clients’. Now he divides his time between NetGain and another firm while working toward achieving Certified Management Accountant accreditation. His study of history at Queen's University now seems like a distant memory except when he’s into his pints, when socially inappropriate facts come bubbling up from his subconscious.

Robin Uchida
A spectral figure in the life of the firm, Robin intrudes on and recedes from NetGain when need for his intelligence and perspective can no longer be ignored. His contributions are enriching because of the fascinating but inexplicable work he does away from NetGain, including but not limited to executive coaching, creative strategy, corporate branding, cultural innovation in theory and practice, arts education, and tending to his madly overachieving children.
All of his engagements re-examine the meaningful purpose and creative strategy of the organization. In the cultural arena as in the private sector, these exercises require research insights, alternative thinking and unique facilitation skills.
As a sessional teacher of Think Tank at the Ontario College of Art and Design University students across all disciplines have an opportunity to investigate design thinking, to reflect on its relevance, and to face their self-determined path. Robin’s award-winning work for the development of the Culture and Heritage Institute Symposia was part of a larger strategy to investigate current and compelling issues in culture and related industries. Globally-sourced guests provided compelling examples of leading edge thinking and profound insights into practice. ‘Neighbourhood Diaries. Stories from where I live.’ is an exploratory project for children, that engages artists, writers, Harbourfront and community centers across Toronto in an 8-week examination of creativity. From the development of the workshop prototype through to the gallery exhibit at Harbourfront, the experiences and the work produced successfully focused on the compelling child’s creative voice.
The common elements in these examples are innovation and learning. There are no templates, only new thinking and new results.
NetGain Alumni
  • Martin Blake - Video Surveillance and Production Officer, Toronto Police
  • Julia Dow - Consultant, Essex Lake Group LLC, Shanghai and New York
  • Rider Dice - Independent Sponsorship Development Consultant, Toronto
  • Vanessa Higgs - Program Development Officer, Cultural Services, City of Toronto
  • Tamar Huberman - Account Director and Consultant, Arts and Communications, New York
  • Selena Hur - Manager, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • Tim Leary (Founder) - Independent Arts Management Consultant, Halifax
  • Graeme Page - Fundraising Consultant
  • Clark Reed - Independent Human Resources Consultant, Toronto
  • Geoff Stratton - Lawyer, MacDonald Thomas Law Office, Invermere, BC
  • David Trahair - Bestselling Author and Principal at a Toronto Accounting Firm
  • Darryl Moyers, Moyers & Stark Consulting
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