Doug Simpson

Doug Simpson, BA, MFA
Senior Managing Director

Clients have entrusted their businesses and organizations to Doug, for over 27 years.  He’s been at the table to usher through complex mergers, IPOs, business strategies, corporate restructuring and to raise capital for a diverse roster of clients from pharmaceutical companies, to the City of Toronto, charities, aboriginal festivals, to community theatre.  Whether working for board members, city councillors, staff teams, CEOs or the community, young or old, for profit or not, because of his level of care and diligence for and communication with client organizations, NetGain is often invited back over time to help with their ongoing changes. We, at NetGain, think all this is because of the dazzle of his Old Boys’ Club bow-ties and hairdo. Interestingly, through employing the Scientific Method we’ve actually found that it takes about 6 IPA pints, a week of late-night report writing and a team of 25-year-old hookers, props, flankers and locks to skew said bow-tie.  Else, you might see him whizzing around on his trusty Marin Larkspur looking for free wifi, a cozy Americano or picnic spot.