Genevieve Tran

Genevieve Tran, BBA, B.Ed, M.Ed
Consultant, Business Catalyst

Genevieve can be seen carrying her 1-ton furry handbag to client meetings, wherein lives several notebooks, lunch and a brick-weight MacBookPro.  She agreed to help Doug out in exchange for beignets, Friday martinis and central heating. She is disarmingly small and chipper, though is really black-hearted and has mastered supreme facial control of the ever-warranted eye-roll. However, this last observation is merely a suspicion by a certain Managing Partner who shall remain unnamed.  Her job is to check everything Doug does and add an Education Specialist perspective (very useful in an industry that requires client organizations to understand complex reports, new changes and systems).  She’s been accused of setting Doug’s head on fire with debate and Devil’s Advocacy, but at the end of every work day, all seems to be smoothed over with snacks and drinks.