1. NetGain has been in the real estate business for years and didn’t know it.

A continuation of End of the beginning, 2018.

Cycling around the city, I’m often passing old, forgotten capital projects in which NetGain played a significant role.  The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto Centre for the Arts, and the National Ballet School of Canada are all examples. Less visible are the consequences of our work on the organizations inhabiting buildings all over the city (and in more distant places).  Yet they have in common a preoccupation with space needs.

As the supply of available space tightens where these organizations strive to grow, the limitations and costs of space have become an unstated preoccupation.  But as we look back over the long arc of NetGain’s work, from incorporation in 2000 until the present day, real estate appears to have been lurking just beneath the surface the entire time.  Like an alligator, only raising its head when crisis or opportunity pushed our clients into a major capital project, fear of its bite was everpresent.

Our work on the new MOCA can be seen in this light; it was like alligator wrassling – a public spectacle in which you dare not let go because either the snout or the tail could end it all.  Our work for Akin Projects and Dance Collections Danse have been a bit different in that we’re jumping on the gator before it’s fully awake.

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