11. Almost all resignations and firings are the result of unnegotiated expectation.

NetGain had a talented and funny person upon whom we depended for a couple of years.  Her name is Emily Parker, and she is now very happily and productively employed at PowerPlant Gallery where she works for my friend, Gaetane Verna.  There were times when Emily probably wanted to quit because of my unreasonable demands, or when I wanted to fire her because of her peculiar inability to read my mind.  But to both our credits, we both seemed to recognize that the premise of our relationship had changed and we both wanted different things.

She became more interested in project work than administration while I became more accustomed to a personal assistant than an administrator. But I had once heard a wise HR expert, Philippe Denichaud declare that unnegotiated expectations under most personnel problems, and I could see it was true.  So, we set a deadline and worked together over a few months to try and find her a better situation.  Now, at Powerplant, she has a very well defined role, her work fits her skills superbly, and her contribution is highly appreciated.

She was back for our Christmas party months after starting her new job, and obviously more confident and satisfied.  What a happy ending to a tricky situation.

It’s happy for her at least.  Now I’m left trying to inveigle someone else to keeping me productive and out of jail.  Sigh. We shall miss her.

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