Monthly Archives: April 2012

Incubation in the DMZ

I’m often wrong but rarely pleased about it. It happened again last week when I went to Ryerson University’s DMZ (Digital Media Zone, 'the Zone') for their 2nd birthday/expansion celebration. I’ve been a skeptic because DMZ seemed to be more interested in creating a learning environment than in launching businesses. I left reminded that these aren’t…
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TIFF’s Field of Dreams: They Built It, But Will They Come?

It appears that the executives at TIFF are surprised by how hard it is to make the TIFF Bell Lightbox a financial success. In fact, Piers Handling confesses to naively believing in the “Field of Dreams” premise (build it and they will come). Comments on the Globe article are unsparingly direct. Taken altogether, they represent my…
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Heritage Laws Suck

"Heritage protection fails for the same reason other regulations fail." The above quote was the subtitle of an article on the second page of the business section of the Toronto Star. Like illegal parking, the ambiguity of heritage laws and the inconsistency of enforcement efforts aren’t entirely displeasing to the parties affected. Police love illegal parking.…
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