Monthly Archives: February 2013

Reconsidering Colleges as Corporations

My astute new colleague, Genevieve Tran, took me to task for blithely suggesting community colleges should make it a priority to improve their performance as corporations.  I had argued that they weren’t designed for the competitive environment they find themselves in 45 years after they were founded.  Genevieve didn’t disagree; however, she makes a strong…
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Plodding to “yes” on an economic no-brainer

Skeptics have an easy time dismissing claims about failsafe investments in the economy.  My favorite example, the $40 million Downsview Aerospace Campus, probably suffers from this.  The return on investment sounds too good to be true, and skepticism tends to trump opportunism when public sector spending decisions are made. When governments demur from an expensive…
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Playing Better Odds: Let’s Fold Toronto Casino’s Losing Hand

I don’t want to think about casinos any more, but I don’t know how to avoid the issue.  The rolling barrage of OLG advertisements cannot be ignored. Now that we have a Premier and a Mayor again, it might be hoped that the OLG can be reined in, but that hasn’t happened yet. A joint…
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