Monthly Archives: August 2014

A minor miracle: Chow detractor becomes disciple

My old friend is a political blowfly.  He hasn’t got time to figure out what’s really happening behind the news and doesn’t pretend to know too much.  Yet as a mature lawyer, a visible minority, with deep roots in his ethnic community, and active membership in the oldest, WASPyist clubs in town, he is seen…
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The City that Care Can’t Forget

Comparisons are odious, it’s true.  They’re also informative. Toronto suffers constantly from comparison with other cities. Most of this suffering is self-inflicted. We compulsively check international rankings to make sure we’re doing all right.  For more than 20 years we’ve been tortured by the ambiguity of, “New York run by the Swiss,” which was the late…
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Electric Vehicles and the Glacial Pace of Change

Months ago, I knew nothing about electric vehicles.  Decades ago, I knew even less. I had long been certain that electric cars would fail.  Like most people in the 90’s, I felt confident that fuel cell technology would revolutionize personal transportation like the internal combustion engine did.  I remember a television commercial featuring a pickup…
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