Monthly Archives: January 2018

extrinsic demand

Sometimes, Doug brings me pages from the newspaper, which he reads over his morning coffee.  Usually, these pages relate some interesting tidbit about a client or an ongoing topic of interest and discussion around the NetGain office.  It was immediately evident why Doug wanted me to see a clipping, torn from The Globe and Mail…
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How Canada’s drinking problem can help the cannabis industry

For some reason, the universe seems to be provoking me.  I had laid to rest the topic of disruption as a component of strategy development.  In particular, my argument was that profound cultural change happens at its own pace, and cannabis industry efforts to accelerate consumer acceptance of pot, as a recreational alternative to alcohol,…
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New Year’s 2018: making sure the new year is new

Is it the age we live in, or is it just my age, that deflates expectations around New Year's Eve? I remember New Year's parties where long tables groaned under roasts of beef and ham, platters of cheeses, fruits, and breads, armies of crystal goblets, twinkling beneath chandeliers or candelabras, cut glass decanters of potent…
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