6. Sooner or later, a brilliant idea will stall if the boring fundamentals of structures and systems are wrong.

We’ve got a client, whose name I won’t mention (other than to say that it’s the acronym for Artists Know It’s Necessary), that acquires, outfits, manages, services, and programs space for artists.  They create studios in places and prices that would otherwise be inaccessible, and they do it in a manner that makes artists feel understood and respected.

In a city like Toronto, this seems like a miracle for which there is almost unlimited need and potential.  Indeed, NetGain has found a vast amount of suitable space for short term leases, and there is an army of creatives to fill space as fast as it can be created.  There is also a municipal government with a very public commitment to support similar endeavors, as part of the creative economy, as well as other public and private supporters with an interest in the health of Toronto’s vulnerable arts ecosystem.

As consultants, we’re delighted by the evident potential of this client.  All that holds them back is their structure.  And their systems.  Some of their policies are problematic too…  What we have is a brilliant idea, demonstrated through great personal creativity and sacrifice, by a band of amazing people, that needs someone to go under the hood of their beautiful car, tear down the engine, transmission, steering, and electricals, and rebuild it so that they can go farther and faster on their wonderful journey.

If this doesn’t happen soon, they may drop from exhaustion from pushing it up a hill, full of passengers.  And that would be an unforgiveable tragedy.  For NetGain, this is just the kind of assignment we like.

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