8. There is no shortage of anything in Canada – except the will and ability to deliver plenitude where there is scarcity.

Shockingly, we have to report that there is enough of everything.  This will shake the foundations of economic theory and political partisanship, but reality deserves some part in our world view, don’t you think?

Our clients need people, money, and things.  That’s the sum total of their organizational resource requirements.  While it is true that some of our clients do not have enough, their deficits are modest relative to the mountains of everything that exists in our cities or nations or communities of global interest.

The challenge is not shortage, it is distribution, connecting enterprise of value with the beneficiaries and rightful or willing funders.  In 2018, NetGain learned that there is lots of dormant space in the city for non-profits, social enterprise, and affordable housing. Prior to this, we thought like our clients that there simply was no room for growth in a city where the real estate industry was screaming for rezoning of greenfield and heritage properties.

Likewise, there is money for good work, as there has always been, and money for commercial and socially prestigious projects, as there has always been, and money for politically defensible or strategic investment, as there sometimes is…  Those of us in the spaces between the sectors have to do a better job of matchmaking between those who have and those who need, because in the end, this is less a matter of charity than of brokering between parties with shared interest.

The currency doesn’t matter; talented and motivated people, liquid or lumpy money as required, and property, buildings, equipment, supplies, transport, or airtime are the things needed to make more money, afford more people, and drive the enterprise forward.  It’s a bountiful world.

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