9. It’s hard for clients to declare a desire with the same certainty with which their commercial counterparts declare their corporate intentions.

For those who struggle in scarcity, a clear admission of ambition or desire feels like a failure.  The gap between the lofty future and the meagre present can seem soul-destroying.  Yet NetGain frequently presses and finds the lofty goal is actually not that precious or even necessary to the client’s real goal, nor that the real goal, once stated, is impossible to achieve.

This year we worked with an organization that started by presenting us with a floorplan of their dream home, complete with a 15 seat lunch table for their three employees. It combined huge space demanding backroom functions with a public assembly space that demanded an expensive downtown location.  The contradictory purposes of this facility dream was a huge distraction from a programming mission that needed all the parts, but not all in one place.  Over the year, the client managed to shed its impossible facility notions, with all the futility that it implied, in favour of its national leadership aspirations, which it’s pursuing in other ways.

Once a desire is stated, weighed, and refined, it can be pursued.  If no one can say what they want, truly in their hearts, unashamed and forthright, it’s impossible to get started.  We need to make clients trust us, and must use a variety of techniques, to extract their deepest hopes in unequivocal language.

No goal is ridiculous.  What’s ridiculous is hoping for divine intervention while shrinking emotionally back from declaration of your true intention.

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