“And my grown-up was glad to know such a reasonable person”

This week, NetGain became a bit like that poor hat / snake in the first couple of pages of the Little Prince:

Picture 293

But instead of a childlike rendering of an elephant swallowed by a snake, NetGain’s office is actually bulging with three extra interns!  It’s a happy acquisition to be sure–one that will sustain us for weeks!  But we might look a bit bloated.  We’re not used to so much…muchness.

Why interns?  Big Doug and I needed a shake up.  Our Groupthink was becoming notorious: “Shall we have another coffee break?” “Why yes, we should!”  Our crimes were starting to go unnoticed (mostly printer tossing).  And genius needs relativity.  Kidding.

Why should all those tech-startups and maternity wards have all the fun with incubating talent??  Management consulting is / should be just as hot a field for new graduates to consider.  Getting paid for complex problem solving is an extreme entrepreneurial sport!  In its purest form, it’s your brains and ideas that earn your keep.  No “thing” to sell.  No inventory.  It’s hacking vines for months to lead your client through the jungles of the mind, to a clearing, at last.

Perhaaaaps, that’s crossing into the self-delusional.  I suppose the New York City Galleries and Conde Nast magazines that notoriously enslave unpaid interns for months for Reality Show fodder can also make a hot case for young blood.  But, our vampirism is latent at best (a bit of insomnia on a Wednesday night writing this, that’s all).  When we imagined having interns, we wanted to provide an honorarium, their own client projects, and our support on a Management Consulting idea they want to hatch someday.  A somewhat civilized consulting internship?  Yes, we can!

Only a few months into my own work here at NetGain, I suggested that Doug take on interns.  We have no coffee maker, we already have a cleaning service, we have an admin assistant, all our files are already…filed.  It was the perfect setting, I said.

And this week they came.  Having people around who are born-in-the-90’s is a trip, indeed.  They swim, streamline in technology–intuitive about how to tap into the collective digital brain.  They don’t seem to be encumbered by the analog slowness that pre-Cosby-sweater “we” seem to unnecessarily factor into everything.  OK, it’s only been 3 days.  I’ll stop there.

Out of 73 applicants who boasted everything from relief efforts in Haiti, to lecturing gigs in East Africa, we chose 3 we thought were the most thoughtful, helpful and could probably chew their way out of a box, with or without us.  Here they are at their first client meeting at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, the other day:

Welcome, Yuki, Roy and Doug!

TCA General Manager, Pim Schotanus explains the architecture of the Main Stage to Yuki, Roy and Doug.  Big Doug is on the far right.

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