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The Walrus Live – The Future of Social Innovation?

The Future of Social Innovation?  Guess where social innovators got stuck on this subject?  They never got past the moderator’s request that they define the term "social innovation.” Seriously, that was the first question put forward during an afternoon session at The Walrus Live, by Evergreen founder, Geoff Cape.  He pursued the question from a…
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The Walrus Live – Terry O’Reilly on the Future

Driverless cars are an understandable fascination for a marketing oracle like Terry O’Reilly, who gave the keynote speech yesterday at The Walrus Live event in Toronto.  He is a great performer, delivering solid content in an entertaining way, week after week, year after year.  I am certainly a fan. Driverless cars interest marketers because the…
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proportional representation by age

I was vacationing in Lisbon while Ontario was electing Doug Ford.  Because of the time difference, I couldn’t stay awake for final results. In the morning I suffered the usual post-election hangover.  The difference between the popular vote and the seat count was great enough for the losing side to talk about proportional representation. Indeed,…
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Prisoners of Liberty

This month’s American high school massacre is no longer the lead news story.  There are hours of funerals and uncomprehending sorrow yet to be broadcast, but the media has moved on. Santa Fe, Texas isn’t Parkland, Florida.  There the students mobilized for months of protests and media work to hold lawmakers accountable for the deadly…
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