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Edifice Complex: Toronto’s billion-dollar “spectator sport”

I want to understand why the erection of Frank Gehry’s towers, or the gleam in David Mirvish’s eye, makes thoughtful people like Christopher Hume weak in the knees. A year ago, I wrote about all the ways we sabotage our plan for the City of Toronto.  It was a response to how Mirvish had tied Toronto’s…
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Scarborough Subway: A Ride to Nowhere

The triumph of Scarborough subway advocates is demoralizing.  I felt the same way at the height of the Toronto casino debate, but this is worse.  Much worse. The casino debate was like a gold rush.  Everyone was afraid of missing out.  Otherwise decent public servants and politicians turned into lobbyists for a plan that would…
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Is Crowd Sourcing the New Pan Handling?

In a radio interview I heard a farmer talk about crowd sourcing to help pay his mortgage.  He had produced a video in his kitchen with which he had convinced some people that they were taking a stand against the death of the family farm by making sure he avoided foreclosure. Was this a sincere…
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Identity Politics: Battery No Longer Included

[caption id="attachment_2566" align="alignleft" width="300"] Yonge St. is just black and white without Pride[/caption] While it’s still fresh in my mind, I want to say something about identity politics, alienation, and inclusiveness. I have argued that Pride depends for its relevance on its undiluted gayness.  To maintain this quality of spectacle, it should keep straight folk…
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