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Unsolicited note to the “un-politician”

Dear Olivia (c/o John Laschinger and Warren Kinsella): Maybe I’m holding you to an unfair standard, but I’m disappointed in you, and the campaign’s only a month old.  After tantalizing us with your candidacy for the past year, my expectations were high. Since your campaign launch, they’ve been lowered. As a humble consultant, often working in and around…
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Ways to Grow A Silent Majority

Bless her, Chantal Hebert has seen it all. When she sighs and gestures in response to Mansbridge’s questions on CBC’s political panel, her weariness is felt across the country. Her newspaper columns convey the same sense of fatigue. What seems to exhaust her is the obligation to say, day after day, what she sees going…
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Big Data, Small Tool

I’m as susceptible as anyone to the allure of big data.  We all want to know how things work, and data visualization gives us a sense of knowing, without all the work of actually learning. As consultants, we spend a lot of time extracting useful insights from data.  The data is often inconsistent or incomplete,…
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What’s that I hear squeaking?

The following comment appeared in response to yet another article by Christopher Hume, slamming Toronto for being too choosy about what gets built and where it gets built in our City. “Sad to say, but the squeaky wheel gets the politicians’ attention. It is politically safer to be led by a group of naysayers, than…
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