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Underspending on Overheads

In 2013, Dan Pallotta made a mess of the assumed function of charities by suggesting that society sets rules to disincentivize performance, to the detriment of all.  One of his issues is executive compensation, which is constrained in the charitable world.  It is virtually impossible for charities to attract, motivate, and keep the talent necessary…
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Rail or Road

I’ve been listening to some really smart people talk about the future of cities in the past few weeks.  Although they all treat different themes from different perspectives, they are pretty consistent about how badly we anticipated today’s needs back when there was still time to lay out our cities differently.  Underlying their scolding is…
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The Walrus Live – Of hope and faith: Lapham vs. Brandeis

I like Lewis Lapham.  I was a devoted reader of his essays in Harpers for years and was excited to hear him speak in person at The Walrus Live event at the Brickworks last week. Lapham always made beautiful sense to me.  He articulated my unease about the dark undercurrents of neocon rhetoric during the…
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The Walrus Live – The Future of Social Innovation?

The Future of Social Innovation?  Guess where social innovators got stuck on this subject?  They never got past the moderator’s request that they define the term "social innovation.” Seriously, that was the first question put forward during an afternoon session at The Walrus Live, by Evergreen founder, Geoff Cape.  He pursued the question from a…
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