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TIFF’s Field of Dreams: They Built It, But Will They Come?

It appears that the executives at TIFF are surprised by how hard it is to make the TIFF Bell Lightbox a financial success. In fact, Piers Handling confesses to naively believing in the “Field of Dreams” premise (build it and they will come). Comments on the Globe article are unsparingly direct. Taken altogether, they represent my…
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Heritage Laws Suck

"Heritage protection fails for the same reason other regulations fail." The above quote was the subtitle of an article on the second page of the business section of the Toronto Star. Like illegal parking, the ambiguity of heritage laws and the inconsistency of enforcement efforts aren’t entirely displeasing to the parties affected. Police love illegal parking.…
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Why Government Can Initiate but Must Not Lead

Having gone on and on about the effectiveness of incubators as an economic development tool, some people might think I’m advocating that governments create and run more incubators. A perky little blog may not be the place to try and tighten the focus on an issue like this, but let me try: at the municipal level…
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Why Incubators are in the Future for Municipal Economic Development

Of all the ways that municipal governments try to stimulate economic growth, business incubators are going to become increasingly important. Every economic review by every level of government highlights a set of challenges that business incubators can address. Innovation, competitiveness, management skills, and access to capital are all central to the incubation experience. Jobs, GDP, and tax revenue…
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