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The Opportunity Presented by Sky-high Energy Costs

There are two things that are clear about high rises: One is that Toronto has a staggering number of these residential and commercial buildings and development shows no sign of stopping. The other, is that these buildings present unique energy management challenges and opportunities. Taken together, these towers are racking up sky-high costs in terms…
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The Indigestible Truth (or the Meaning of Lunch)

Someone has startled me out of some lazy habits of thought. Hopefully some other habits will change as a result. Jaeny Baik was in Toronto on business and I had the opportunity to talk with her over a pub lunch. Our casual conversation was loaded with unexpected meaning, for me at least. She helps people present…
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Barging into Business

Elsewhere I’ve argued that incubators require access to below-market work space. In a tough real estate market, even municipalities have a hard time coughing up surplus space for this purpose. Who can afford to take something out of their portfolio for 3-5 years when some unforeseen need or opportunity might arise at any moment? I’m…
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Who do I Have to Sleep with to Get OUT of This Business?

The title of this post is inspired by a comment that I overheard backstage during a theatre performance. It seems appropriate, given the cut-throat nature of the industry described herein. I recently came across two articles that discussed why theatre companies, live, die, and pass into memory. Neither provided a satisfying explanation, but both inadvertently…
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