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exceptions are not solutions: creating a special property tax class

In the social swirl of the holiday season, I’ve been caught in conversations with people who are enthusiastic about the creation of a special property tax class for creative enterprise hubs (announced earlier this year and covered recently by Murray Whyte in The Star, an article which includes our friends at Akin Collective - whose…
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What’s that I hear squeaking?

The following comment appeared in response to yet another article by Christopher Hume, slamming Toronto for being too choosy about what gets built and where it gets built in our City. “Sad to say, but the squeaky wheel gets the politicians’ attention. It is politically safer to be led by a group of naysayers, than…
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Heritage Laws Suck

"Heritage protection fails for the same reason other regulations fail." The above quote was the subtitle of an article on the second page of the business section of the Toronto Star. Like illegal parking, the ambiguity of heritage laws and the inconsistency of enforcement efforts aren’t entirely displeasing to the parties affected. Police love illegal parking.…
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