Dance Collection Danse

NetGain is excited to announce that it is continuing to work together with Dance Collection Danse (DCD).  DCD, founded in 1986, preserves the history of theatrical dance in Canada through building and maintaining archival collections with a view to facilitating educational and research needs and sharing it with the public. Its legal mandate is for “the benefit of the Canadian community, to foster, encourage and promote theatrical dance in Canada through education, research, performance and publication.”

As Amy Bowring, DCD’s Director of Collections and Research, explains:

“DCD believes that through the preservation of dance-related artifacts we can know and appreciate the past, provide a context for the present, and a foundation for the future. DCD believes in the concept of public history – historical research must be available to all. We are committed to ensuring that the history of Canadian theatrical dance will be available to present and future generations and we therefore promote dance history as broadly as possible to encourage research and understanding.”

Located in Toronto, DCD operates a small museum (featured in the Globe and Mail), through which they exhibit various parts of their collection of text documents, still and moving images, 3-dimensional objects, and other dance artifacts.  DCD acts both as an advocate for Canadian dance in the present and a guardian of a vital aspect of Canada’s cultural legacy.

With the support of The Metcalf Foundation, DCD has engaged NetGain to assist them in a multi-phase strategic and business planning process.

From January to May 2017, NetGain and DCD conducted Phase I of the planning process, which consisted of identifying and articulating strategic objectives. NetGain interviewed key stakeholders, including Board members and staff, surveyed DCD’s users and others, and researched comparable organizations and potential partners to identify areas where there is greatest demand and potential for growth.

Following the success of Phase I, DCD and The Metcalf Foundation have committed to undertake Phase II, which commenced in October 2017.  The main aim for Phase II is identifying the best business model for service delivery.

NetGain is looking forward to working with DCD to ensure the future of the organization, which, in turn, safeguards the legacy of the Canadian dance community.  We are grateful to be supported by The Metcalf Foundation, which has a proven commitment to helping performing arts organizations explore new approaches and innovative ways of changing.