Canadian Music Center

Introducing a Fresh Perspective to the Business Plan

The CMC wanted a business plan that would rationalize all existing activities and provide for growth based on proportionately increased federal funding.

NetGain found that some of the current activities lacked relevance and that funding sources were near their limits. Yet there was the potential for growth if resources could be redeployed and if new forms of earned revenue could be developed quickly.

NetGain persuaded the staff and Board that the CMC could convert its vast archive of new music from a financial drain into a money-maker by altering its relationship with its member composers and by establishing itself as a music publisher.

Member composers readily agreed, and the organization began pursuing a strategy of marketing music for film, television, performance, and printing, taking a share of the enhanced royalties. Because most of the collection is written for orchestras, language has not been an obstacle to sales in Asia and Europe.

The collection is perfect for long tail marketing strategies on the CMC’s expanded website. Thousands of new works can be sampled or purchased online. Although the process has been strenuous and slow, the organization continues to find success along this path.