Downsview Park Aerospace Campus

Centennial College and Bombardier had been working for two years on plans to create an aerospace training facility in Downsview Park, the former military base in Toronto.  The plan was favoured by international trends in the industry that called for additional labour capacity to meet rising demand for passenger and military fleet replacements.  The site itself presented an opportunity as well, served by an existing runway with training partners like Bombardier and Lockheed Martin in close proximity, and with other prospective partners like UTIAS and DND eager to participate.  When the time came to present this plan for approval by the College’s senior staff, NetGain was asked to come in and distill the program rationale, the architectural plans, and the industry conditions, into a presentation.  After the presentation, NetGain prepared a ministerial briefing for the President of the College, and subsequently drafted the formal appeal to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.  Public announcement of the plan was made in a deposition at Toronto City Hall, April 24th, 2012.