Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund (OCAF)

By supporting new arts initiatives all across Ontario, the OCAF has used cultural tourism to make an impressive contribution to the provincial economy.  By offering a combination of grants and loans, and by making sound funding decisions, it has been able to double the impact of its budget, enabling it to make strategic investments in more new cultural events and programs than expected.

Its accomplishments have led to repeated replenishment of its financial resources.  Its staff and Board have managed these resources well, employing innovative techniques to analyze its own performance and its impact on its clients.

Now, with 10 years of detailed data gathered from thousands of client applications, and hundreds of funded projects, the OCAF has become a valuable source of expertise on cultural tourism marketing for organizations, communities, and agencies of all kinds.  NetGain has  been invited to mine this data and extract the lessons learned from the experience of OCAF and its most successful clients.

This is the third time that NetGain has been engaged to work on data systems and analysis for the OCAF.  The results of our work will guide the OCAF in its continual effort to improve its effectiveness, and may serve as a guide to similar organizations, agencies, and program administrators working in other jurisdictions on cultural tourism and on other kinds of event or program launches.