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How Canada’s drinking problem can help the cannabis industry

For some reason, the universe seems to be provoking me.  I had laid to rest the topic of disruption as a component of strategy development.  In particular, my argument was that profound cultural change happens at its own pace, and cannabis industry efforts to accelerate consumer acceptance of pot, as a recreational alternative to alcohol,…
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disruption: cannabis and alcohol

Back to The Walrus Talks on disruption, I was listening to Mark Zekulin, the president of a big cannabis company, explaining the challenge of disrupting the cultural and political attachment we have to alcohol.  Good luck to him. As Zekulin explained, cannabis is a recreational drug that compares favourably with alcohol on a range of criteria…
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Bottoms up, Toronto!

I don’t know much about politics, but I recognize an injustice when I see one.  The Mayor is being criticized for behaving like an alcoholic, as if incoherent speech and erratic behavior is new to Toronto City Council.  Anyone remember the plastic bag or shark fin soup bans last year?  Sometimes the whole Council acts…
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