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Nostradamus 0.5

Surprise. I’ve crossed some personal boundaries lately. It’s wrong to seek cheap laughs at the expense of a phlegmatic, morbidly obese, alcoholic.  Just as it’s uncomfortable to admit being wrong for denigrating someone’s performance before they’ve had a chance to act. In both cases commenting on the Mayor and the Premier, respectively, I congratulated myself for mild…
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Kathleen Wynne: Composite of a Good Egg

It’s so easy to criticize politicians when they’re not doing what you want. But when they act in a principled way, no matter how it turns out, any criticism seems petty. This is how I feel about Premier Wynne now. While trying to establish herself with a new cabinet and a hostile legislature, she had…
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Playing Better Odds: Let’s Fold Toronto Casino’s Losing Hand

I don’t want to think about casinos any more, but I don’t know how to avoid the issue.  The rolling barrage of OLG advertisements cannot be ignored. Now that we have a Premier and a Mayor again, it might be hoped that the OLG can be reined in, but that hasn’t happened yet. A joint…
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