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How Olivia Chow can STILL win

A couple of weeks ago I offered a scenario in which Olivia Chow could still win.  At the time, I acknowledged her decline in pre-Labour Day polls, but argued that pre-Labour Day polls are irrelevant. Given the incumbent Mayor’s rare cancer, the unexpected candidacy of his brother Doug, and the withdrawal of David Soknacki, it’s…
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Ways to Grow A Silent Majority

Bless her, Chantal Hebert has seen it all. When she sighs and gestures in response to Mansbridge’s questions on CBC’s political panel, her weariness is felt across the country. Her newspaper columns convey the same sense of fatigue. What seems to exhaust her is the obligation to say, day after day, what she sees going…
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Waving the Red Cape: Canadian politics as usual

[caption id="attachment_2572" align="alignleft" width="241"] Photoshop is for the disingenuous.[/caption] The tai chi strategy label is just that, a label.  It’s too broad and loose to be more than that.  It describes a general set of preconditions and one approach to strategy, nothing more. In my last post I drew examples from politics, about which I…
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