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the politics of the Scarborough Subway – a view from above

Welcome to our planet and our City.  Before I take you to our leaders, let me prepare you for what you are about to see. For anyone arriving in Toronto by spaceship this week, or for anyone looking into the city’s affairs for the first time ever, this will astonish you.  A cash strapped City,…
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Unsolicited note to the “un-politician”

Dear Olivia (c/o John Laschinger and Warren Kinsella): Maybe I’m holding you to an unfair standard, but I’m disappointed in you, and the campaign’s only a month old.  After tantalizing us with your candidacy for the past year, my expectations were high. Since your campaign launch, they’ve been lowered. As a humble consultant, often working in and around…
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A Muddy Affair: Paul Ainslie’s Selective Moralizing

Paul Ainslie is asking for our sympathy.  He says the Mayor has been a bully and a liar, and he just can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore either.  Here is yet another Councillor acting like a victim after having enjoyed the power and privilege of being on the Mayor’s team. Councillor Ainslie…
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