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5. Project design, not authority and mandate, is the most important determinant of success.

Projects are rightly conceived as separate from the daily, ongoing operation of an organization. Yet they are as dependent for success on sound structures, systems, policies, principles, and practices as is any business operation. A multi-year plan to create a building, occurs at the confluence of many streams, each with its specialized subject matter experts…
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2. Non-financial assets and liabilities determine more outcomes than any balance sheet

An eminent player in the development business, and a highly connected arts advocate, wrote to congratulate me about the opening of MOCA in September.  For many practical reasons, I had to decline the praise.  MOCA isn’t just a building, it’s also a corporation.  In 2014, we began working on the corporation, under the direction and…
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End of the beginning, 2018

Past practice was to review a year of blogging and report on what had caught the attention of our readers.  It was occasionally surprising to learn how little my obsessions coincided with the casual interests of human and mechanical web browsers.  As everywhere, the analytics offered more support than illumination (like a lamp post to…
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