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The failure of start-ups in Toronto: a bit of forensics

The City of Toronto, like many other municipalities, invests in incubators and small business development on one hand, but fails to give them much business through contract bidding on the other.  Their lengthy, time-consuming procurement process largely favours the 800lbs gorillas, leaving many new start-ups without the benefit of the biggest buyer in town's attention.

People wonder why some cities  lack the innovation and progressive ideas of the start-ups within them. We unearth the forensics behind it all!

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Barging into Business

Elsewhere I’ve argued that incubators require access to below-market work space. In a tough real estate market, even municipalities have a hard time coughing up surplus space for this purpose. Who can afford to take something out of their portfolio for 3-5 years when some unforeseen need or opportunity might arise at any moment? I’m…
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Incubation in the DMZ

I’m often wrong but rarely pleased about it. It happened again last week when I went to Ryerson University’s DMZ (Digital Media Zone, 'the Zone') for their 2nd birthday/expansion celebration. I’ve been a skeptic because DMZ seemed to be more interested in creating a learning environment than in launching businesses. I left reminded that these aren’t…
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