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Politicking In Government

It’s not hard to distinguish between the role of a political party and the role of a government. One is a purely partisan group that works to gain power. The other serves at the will of the people to deliver on the promises made while its members were politicking. Between elections, politicians become governors. Whether…
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John Tory: Once and Future King reigns over the Gardiner

deja vu all over again? On the morning of the vote to save or demolish the Gardiner Expressway, I have a prediction to share.  Regardless of how the vote goes today, this will be one of the issues that ends John Tory's honeymoon with Council, the press, and the public. That states it too mildly.  It's not…
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A Muddy Affair: Paul Ainslie’s Selective Moralizing

Paul Ainslie is asking for our sympathy.  He says the Mayor has been a bully and a liar, and he just can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore either.  Here is yet another Councillor acting like a victim after having enjoyed the power and privilege of being on the Mayor’s team. Councillor Ainslie…
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