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Home stretch: still long odds and no sure bets

Steve Paikin, host of TVO’s the Agenda, used these words to preface his assessment of Olivia Chow’s chances: “Every public opinion poll I’ve seen on the Toronto mayor’s race tells me what I’m about to write is ridiculous.”  Paikin, The Agenda. That was January 27th, a full nine months before the 2014 election.  Chow wasn’t…
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Ford addiction

It’s safe now to ignore the municipal election.  Summer is starting.  Voters will tune out, if they were ever tuned in.  Compulsive campaigning will continue nonetheless. Nothing has changed since the candidates were named.  Soknacki rose a bit, Stintz slipped a bit, and Ford’s support remains high enough for concern. Chow and Tory are front runners…
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