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Waving the Red Cape: Canadian politics as usual

[caption id="attachment_2572" align="alignleft" width="241"] Photoshop is for the disingenuous.[/caption] The tai chi strategy label is just that, a label.  It’s too broad and loose to be more than that.  It describes a general set of preconditions and one approach to strategy, nothing more. In my last post I drew examples from politics, about which I…
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Tai Chi-ing is the new black. And white.

[caption id="attachment_2575" align="alignleft" width="300"] Taking the energy from your foe, without all the vampirism.[/caption] “Tai chi” is now a verb.  I heard it a couple of times at work and it made so much sense that I couldn’t deride it as I do most deviations from the OED. “If he keeps pressing on the issue,…
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